What is time?

Wikipedia defines time as:

the indefinite continued progress of existence and events that occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future’.

Feels a bit odd to ask that question because we all know what time is don’t we? We wear time devices on our wrist.   When we go on holiday we temporarily jump time, but it’s just there, invisible, forever going on.   It goes on whether we want it to or not.  They say time waits for no man and it doesn’t.  We cannot stop it in the moment, even when something amazing is happening.  We would like to capture that feeling and bottle it forever wouldn’t we? We can’t hurry it along when times are difficult, when we cannot think, or breathe, or it’s just becomes too overwhelming.  Nor can we turn it back when we have guilt or regret.   

When we are young time is endless isn’t it?.  When I was a kid I remember Christmas taking ages and ages to come around. Now each year it feels like yesterday!  When we are teenagers we really think we have all the time in the world to do what we want don’t we? But sometimes it comes as a shock when we realise we have left things too late.  When we are old we may view time as being small, maybe running out, precious or fragile.   We may even want it back. 

They say time is a healer, but for some people it is not.  The feelings are carried around like a ball and chain, tainting our time going forward. 

So how do you feel about your time?

It’s different for everyone.  Is time something that you look at favourably.  Or is time for you a little different?  Have you lost someone and you wish you could go back and say something different? Or is something really painful right now and you wish time would just hurry up to get you to the other side? Did you make a mistake and you now carry the feelings of guilt and shame with you like that ball and chain I described. Or maybe time is something you want to use wisely, but life and other things are just getting in the way?  Even other people maybe taking up your time and you feel powerless to say no, you feel exhausted and with nothing left for yourself?

What can counselling give me?

With counselling you have the time.  It is time for you.  To spend on you.  Maybe you need to work things out to decide what you really want.  Do you need help setting a few goals? Or maybe you just want to talk about your time that has been spent and leave the hurt behind, paving the way for a calm, rich, satisfying future, making memories you’ll treasure.

Whatever it is, counselling is your space, your voice and…..your time.





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